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Iron Iii Nitrate Oxidant

Iron III nitrate - Wikipedia

Iron III nitrate or ferric nitrate is the name used for a series of inorganic compounds with the formula Fe NO 3 3. H 2 O n. Most common is the nonahydrate Fe NO 3 3. H 2 O 9. The hydrates are all pale colored water-soluble paramagnetic salts.

Efficient solvent-free iron III alyzed oxidation of alcohols by ...

oxidation of saturated hydrocarbons in Gif-type oxida-tion reactions alcohols could be transformed into their corresponding ketones with good yields using Fe III alysts and t-butyl hydroperoxide.12 Otherwise Fe III nitrate alyzed the oxidation of ethanol with hydrogen peroxide in a fed-batch reactor.13 On the

Synthesis of 12-diones from 12-diols using iron III nitrate as ...

During the reaction finely crushed iron III nitrate was mixed with the diol in the absence of any solvent and the mixture was irradiated with microwave radiation for a definite period of time. Homogeneity of the reaction mixture was achieved during the course of the reaction as the melting point of oxidant 48 C was achieved by the heat produced during the experiment.

Iron III nitrate - Simple English Wikipedia the free encyclopedia

Iron III nitrate is a light purple solid. It dissolves easily in water. It is an oxidizing agent. It is acidic. It absorbs water easily to make a hydrate chemical with water molecules attached to it . Preparation. It is made by reacting iron or iron III oxide with nitric acid.

Anoxic nitrate reduction coupled with iron oxidation and attenuation of ...

Nitrate-dependent iron oxidation results in the anoxic production of Fe III oxyhydroxides at circumneutral pH. Typically the end product is a poorly ordered Fe III oxyhydroxide although other Fe III oxide minerals may form depending on whether microorganisms are involved and the growth conditions Chaudhuri et al. 2001 Senko et al. 2005a .

The mechanism of the oxidation of benzyl alcohol by iron III nitrate ...

The role of iron III in the oxidation of benzyl alcohol is purely alytic by coordinating the oxidant to the alcohol.Even though there is a combination of nitrate and iron III in one salt a molar ratio of benzyl alcohol and Fe NO 3 3 ·9H 2 O of 100 : 1 at 50 C is insufficient to bring the reaction to completion.

An evolving view on biogeochemical cycling of iron Nature Reviews ...

Microbial mineral oxidation with nitrate. Oxidation of iron iii sulfide FeS and pyrite FeS 2 has been shown to be coupled to reduction of nitrate 106. Thiobacillus denitrificans various ...

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